Barbara Sabater-Kerr
Program Coordinator of Constituent Affairs, Dept. of Social Services
Board Member

Barbara Sabater-Kerr received her Master’s in Forensic Psychology with a concentration in Alcohol and Substance Abuse from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 1996.  During this time, she was a volunteer rape crisis counselor for Rockland Family Shelter and she provided case management services for individuals with developmental disabilities. She entered Westchester County Government through the Department of Community Mental Health (DCMH) and within two years transferred to what would be her professional home for twenty plus years; Westchester County Department of Social Services(DSS). During her time in DCMH she provided advocacy, outreach and casework services for children with developmental disabilities to remain in the community. During this time at DCMH Ms. Sabater would also fight the local school district and implement change in the way asthmatic children were treated in school. A law would be legislated in New York State School districts in which with would allow asthmatic children to carry and use their inhalers in school with a note from a PA, NP or MD and their parent/guardian.  Children of responsible age would no longer have to have their lifesaving medication locked up in the school nurse office.

During her twenty years with Social Services Ms. Sabater –Kerr worked, as a Child Protective Services (CPS) Investigator and Certified MAPP Foster Parent Trainer, leading her to foster seven children and adopt her oldest son from Foster Care. Ms. Sabater-Kerr continued as the Assistant to the Commissioner where she initiated the Department of Social Services Holiday Gift Drive to provide Holiday Gifts for all the children in foster care; the drive continues to date. Ms. Sabater spearheaded Camp Morty Summer Camp Foster Care Reunification Week to reunite siblings separated by foster care. The program, at its inception was unique and in 2007 the only one of its kind in the United States. Ms. Sabater-Kerr continued in various roles for DSS over the years. Within the last five years, she has been the DSS Emergency Response Contact and the Human Needs Branch Director for the Emergency Operations Center of Westchester County. Westchester County would be COVID-19 patient ZERO and Ms. Sabater would be instrumental in advocating for the Spanish Speaking community in Westchester and helping support to Westchester’s COVID Vaccine clinic.

Ms. Sabater-Kerr lives in Rockland County for the last 45 years and is married with three children. She is a certified hypnotherapist, avid beach lover and continues with multiple projects for Westchester County.