Gardening for Good Health

For years I have enjoyed gardening in the simplest form, meaning, I would purchase plants with beautiful flowers or foliage already established and in near-to-full bloom. Merely popping them into a pot or a small flower bed was something I received immediate satisfaction from and made me feel like I was an actual “gardener.”

Over time, I branched out (pardon the pun!) and started planting bulbs instead of just costly annual flowers that would only bloom for a season before dying off. The ultimate gardening payoff though was when I finally began growing flowers from seeds myself. It gave me a sense of being truly invested in the process as well as its outcome from my efforts.

Being present in the moment of something as simple as planting a seed in soil and committing to providing just the right conditions for that tiny seed, over the span of days, weeks, and an entire season have made me more patient and enhanced my sense of mindfulness. How calming it can be to unplug from technology, get your hands dirty and focus on such an enjoyable, natural process!

Four O’clocks are an easy to grow annual that
bloom late in the day with a light fragrance

King Alfred Daffodils and blush pink tulips
Grasshoppers like to feed off of sunflower foliage and can wreak havoc on them.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA) an enhanced sense of mindfulness positively impacts “improved concentration, mental clarity, emotional intelligence and the ability to relate to others and one’s self with kindness, acceptance and compassion”. Aside from the fact that gardening can also be a great workout, (check out these calorie burning stats from SAGA magazine) it can improve your mood and sleep, adding to enhanced good health!

Sharing the fruits…or should I say the “blooms” of your labor ranks high among the things I love most about gardening! It’s a sense of pride and satisfaction to feel part of creating such beauty for not only yourself to enjoy but others, too.

Zinnias are a favorite of mine because they are easy to grow, come in so many varieties and bloom from June through October.

I’ve since progressed to harvesting my own seeds, which for me brings the whole process full circle. Seed to soil> germination to plant growth> plant to flower blossom> flower to seed. You get the point…sort of makes you feel like you play your own little part in the continuum of nature.

Harvesting your own seeds from spent flower heads is easy to do.

Find a gardening expert online to guide you along and instill confidence and knowledge! There are countless gardeners on YouTube to learn from. My personal favorite channel is Garden Answer. Connecting with the right gardening expert can really get you started on enjoying a long-lasting outdoor hobby that will enhance the beauty of your home and positively impact your health and well-being.