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Updating an Event

STEP 1: Log into the Dashboard

If you are not already logged into the dashboard, go to (link) and use your CHAHEC user name and password to log in.

STEP 2: Load any Updated Event Materials

You will only need to upload event materials that have been updated.

The pdf flyer and the event jpeg or png, need to be added to the media file before proceeding. Go to the Media Files Help document to learn how to add media files ->

STEP 3: Update an Event

From the dashboard scroll down to “Events” then select “All Events”

A listing of all events, including completed ones, will appear.

Scroll to the event you wish to update and click on “Edit”

When the event screen appears, update the fields you wish to change. When you have completed all changes click the blue “Update” button to save the changes. Go back to WordPress (the black square in top left corner).

STEP 4: Test Updated Event

Go to the live site and view the event by selecting Upcoming Events. Select the event from the calendar and be sure all the information is correct and registration and download links are working properly.

Add an Event Video Demo

Updated on May 12, 2022