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Deleting Media Files

STEP 1: Log into the Dashboard

If you are not already logged into the dashboard, go to (link) and use your CHAHEC user name and password to log in.

STEP 2: Deleting Media

PROCEED CAREFULLY: Be sure your media files you plan to delete are no longer in use. There are instances where you may see multiples of the same item but these may be variations of the same item (varying sizes of a picture for example).

There are many background media files as well (screenshots and videos for documentation for example) that do not appear on the public website pages.

Select the Media Library

STEP 3: Open File to Delete

When you click on the file to delete it will open the Attachment Details. On the bottom right there is a “Delete Permenantly” in red. Click on this. You will be asked to confirm as these types of deletes cannot be undone.

Step 4: Option for Bulk Deletes

You can view the media files as pages and select items you wish to delete as bulk instead of opening items individually.

Select “Bulk Delete” button.

Select the individual items you wish do delete. These will have a blue check mark.

Blue check marks for items to be deleted.

When you have selected all the files click on the blue button “Delete Permenantly”. You will be asked to confirm as this cannot be undone.

Deleting Media Files Video Demo

Updated on February 2, 2023