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Adding Media Files

STEP 1: Log into the Dashboard

If you are not already logged into the dashboard, go to (link) and use your CHAHEC user name and password to log in.

STEP 2: Add New Media

Be sure your media files are prepared, typically pdf files, png or jpeg files, or stock photo files. Also be sure they are named with a descriptive title to make them easier to select when you need to add the media to events, pages, or blogs.

From the dashboard, click on MEDIA and then ADD NEW FILES

STEP 3: Add files

Click on “Select Files” and a File Manager screen will display allowing you to select your folders and files. Once selected click “Open” and the files will automatically load. You can also “Drag and drop” any files that are already downloaded to your browser bottom screen.

Adding Media Files Video Demo

Demo of how to add media items

Updated on May 12, 2022