As part of the New York State AHEC System, we receive funding from the federal and state government and some private sources. Over the years, our work has been undermined by a disinvestment at the state level at a time when it is needed more than ever. Advocacy on our behalf from our region’s legislators is vital toward our goal of remaining in the New York State budget.

Our primary mission is to improve access to diverse and qualified healthcare professionals, particularly from medically disadvantaged communities. The NYS AHEC System is comprised of local and regional centers that serve every county of the State, and our centers are embedded in the communities we serve, positioning us to respond rapidly to emergent health care needs in our communities. No other healthcare recruitment and training entity has a statewide presence with programming offerings tailored to unique regional and community needs!

This is why we continually ask our local and state legislators to partner with us and be an advocate for AHEC as we seek continued state resources to sustain and grow our programs to meet the state’s essential healthcare needs.



Megan Deichler, MPH                                                                                       

Executive Director                            

Catskill Hudson AHEC                  


Carolyn Steele

Executive Assistant

Catskill Hudson AHEC





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