Who Done It? Solve the Medical Mystery

A middle school, health career awareness program on DVD that is similar to a murder mystery, only with a better outcome.

In an amusing way, the storyline presents a crime that the audience must solve. However, each of the four suspects has a physical ailment that requires medical treatment which must be taken into consideration during the investigation. The audience will decide Who Done It? by assessing the crime and physical ailments to determine who they believe could have physically committed the crime.

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Here's what people are saying about this exciting program:

“This was a great DVD program.”

“[Students] were challenged by having to use reasoning and health knowledge to determine who could have possibly committed the crime based on their health conditions.”

“The students seemed to really enjoy this program!”

The complete program consists of:

  • * Instructor Script
  • * DVD
  • * Student Questionnaire
  • * Student Questionnaire Answer Key
  • * Information Sheets

Cost: $33.00

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