Pathways to Success

This Life Skills and Career Preparedness program was designed by Catskill Hudson AHEC for middle and high school students, as well as career seekers.

The program is divided into six segments:

• Life Skills
• Personal Appearance
• Career Preparation
• Interview Skills
• Personal Finance
• How to Obtain a Driver’s License

In the Life Skills component of this program, students will explore how facial expressions, body language, attitude and listening skills all contribute to other people’s perception of them. The Personal Appearance segment focuses on making positive first impressions with appropriate clothing, makeup, accessories and personal hygiene. The Career Preparation segment focuses on choosing a career, understanding and completing pertinent paperwork (such as working papers), how to write an effective resume, cover letter, thank you letter and how/where to find career resources. Interview Skills will be a hands-on exercise to familiarize students with the interview process and make them feel more comfortable with this type of interaction. Personal Finance reviews banks and types of financial accounts, building good credit and includes a budgeting exercise that will prepare them for the financial reality of independent living. How to Obtain a Driver’s License is for student information only and is not designed as a program lesson.

Each student will be provided with a workbook containing numerous lessons, exercises and helpful tips that will be covered under each one of the six segments.

On the first day of the program, each student will be assigned a different health occupation and corresponding salary to maintain as their professional identity throughout the program. They will utilize this information during the career and budgeting exercises.

The Pathways to Success program meets New York State Learning Standards.

The complete program consists of:

  1. Instructor Manual, which includes:
  • * Lesson Plans
  • * Student Workbook
  • * Career Profiles

Cost: $150.00

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