Catskill Hudson AHEC Student Programs

Scrubs Club
Scrubs Club is designed to help high school students build solid futures by introducing them to a broad array of careers in healthcare.  The goal is to engage students through encouragement and mentoring programs to demonstrate that continuing their education beyond high school can be meaningful, engaging, and relevant to their future.  By fostering long-term partnerships among businesses, educators, community-based organizations and parents, Scrubs Club helps prepare young people to meet the challenges and requirements of careers in the healthcare industry in today's knowledge-rich society. To download a copy of the Scrubs Club brochure, please select this link.

Medical Mind Benders
Medical Mind Benders is a complete and comprehensive collection of 14 fun, boredom-busting games and activities that will strengthen student's vocabulary,  word association, inter-personal workplace skills, cognitive memory, and problem-solving skills. This innovative series combines classic, simple gaming with a creative "medical twist." The activities are designed to engage middle and high school students and introduce them to health (in general) and health occupations. To download the program flyer, please select this link. Please select this link for the order form.

M*A*S*H* Camp – Delaware Valley Hospital
Catskill Hudson AHEC sponsors this two-day MASH Camp for up to 20 area high school students who are interested in exploring healthcare careers. Students tour the hospital and learn about various healthcare careers and occupational procedures through hands-on activities and first-hand observation of staff members performing their jobs. Students also learn about educational requirements for various healthcare positions. For additional information, please contact Delaware Valley Hospital, Human Resources Department at (607) 865-2171.

Catskill Hudson AHEC is currently loaning copies of the BODYWORLDS DVD to educational institutions as an economical way for students and teachers alike to experience this exceptional anatomy exhibit. The DVD affords teachers/ instructors the flexibility of incorporating the DVD into their curriculum at their convenience and it gives students, who might not ordinarily be able to attend the exhibit in person, the ability to experience this fascinating and eye-opening exhibition. If you are interested in loaning a copy of BODYWORLDS, please contact Kathy Doyle at (845) 883-7260.

BODIES - The Exhibition
Catskill Hudson AHEC has sponsored BODIES field trips, enabling students who are interested in pursuing a healthcare career the opportunity to attend this extraordinary anatomy exhibit in New York City. BODIES ... The Exhibition features over 200 specimens consisting of whole-bodies and individual organs that have been meticulously dissected and preserved through an innovative process, Unlike biology and anatomy models and diagrams, this exhibition offers a unique and fascinating look into the human body.

Y2Kids Careers from A-Z - Orange-Ulster BOCES
Catskill Hudson AHEC will, once again, participate in this two day, hands-on, interactive career exploration for middle school students. Y2Kids Careers from A to Z is a highly effective and very successful program run by Orange-Ulster BOCES. More than 3000 students are expected to attend Y2Kids in 2010 as well as over 200 career specialists who perform hands-on activities with the students to enable them to get a better understanding of the various occupations and consider possibilities for future career choices. This program will be held at Stewart Airport. For more information, please email Patricia Huggins at

Science & Technology Entry Program (STEP) – SUNY New Paltz
Catskill Hudson AHEC has formed a collaboration with SUNY New Paltz by offering assistance with the development and promotion of their STEP Program. This program encourages participating under-represented and low-income students from local high schools to continue their education after graduation in the fields of math, science, technology and the licenses professions by challenging their existing skills, developing new ones and providing motivation and practical assistance in setting and meeting their educational goals. For additional information on the SUNY New Paltz STEP program, please contact Lenore Schulte at (845) 257-2767.

Pathways to Success
Catskill Hudson AHEC created this Career Preparedness and Life Skills program for students and career seekers. It is a teaching/learning tool that is divided into six categories, which include: Life Skills, Personal Appearance, Career Preparation, Interview Skills, Personal Finance and How to Obtain a Driver's License. The complete program contains 17 valuable lessons for all current and future career seekers. Pathways to Success meets New York State Learning Standards. Click here for additional program information. Contact Catskill Hudson AHEC directly at (845) 883-7260 for more information or to purchase this program.

Who Done It? Solve the Medical Mystery
Catskill Hudson AHEC created this middle school, health career awareness program with the assistance of the Ulster BOCES New Visions Communications & Journalism department. This DVD-based program is similar to a murder mystery, only with a better outcome. In an amusing way, the storyline presents a crime that the audience must solve. However, each of the four suspects has a physical ailment that requires medical treatment which must be taken into consideration during the investigation. The audience will decide Who Done It? by assessing the crime and physical ailments to determine who they believe could have physically committed the crime. Contact Catskill Hudson AHEC directly at (845) 883-7260 for more information or to purchase this program.