Nursing Programs

In 2004, Catskill Hudson AHEC presented its first Nursing Summit to nurse administrators and nurse educators who wished to work together and with Catskill Hudson AHEC to promote the profession of nursing in New York State. Since then, the Nursing Summit has attracted all levels of the nursing profession, as well as healthcare professionals, health professions educators, and health professions students by providing an education forum to explore topics of relevence and critical issues facing nursing ahd healthcare professionals today and supporting the continued development of and within the nursing profession. The Nursing Summit has also provided invaluable networking opportunities for attendees.

Over the years, Nursing Summit Topics have included:

  • The Response of the Nursing Profession to the Challenge of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES): Emerging Intervention Strategies
  • Cultivating Healthy Communities: The Role of the Nurse in Population Health
  • The Role of the Nurse in Shaping the Future of Healthcare: Progressing Toward the Triple Aim
  • Transformational Leadership in a New Healthcare Environment
  • Improving Healthcare To LGBT Individuals and Families: Awareness to Action
  • Ethics
  • Mock Trial and Beyond (a live demonstration of healthcare litigation and more)
  • Use of Technology for Teaching and Staff Development
  • Topics in Developing Staff Excellence
  • Online Curriculum Development Workshop
  • Nurse Preceptor Development
  • The Artistry of Nurse Management

If you would like to receive information for the Nursing Summit when it becomes available, please send your contact information to or call (845) 883-7260 to speak with a member of our staff.


Future of Nursing-New York State Northern Metropolitan Action Coalition (website)

How can Nurses contribute better care, better health, and lower costs for New Yorkers?

The New York State Action Coalition (NYSAC) Advancing Health through Nursing believes all New Yoakers deserve better care, better health, and lower costs associated with healthcare.  NYSAC also believes nurses - the largest group of healthcare providers in the State - are key to achieving these goals in New York.  NYSAC is enthusiastic about the potential of achieving the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Future of Nursing report goals, established in 2010, to transform nursing and healthcare in New York.

NYSAC has joined the National Campaign for Action, which envisions a nation where every American has access to high-quality, patient-centered care in a healthcare system where nurses contribute as essential partners in achieving success.  The complexity of the ever-changing healthcare environment requires even more nurses in practice, with advanced credentials and expertise.  In many settings, nurses are not able to work to the full extent of their education and training and too few hold leadership positions.

NYSAC, as a state coalition, is an active participant in the Campaign for Action and seeks to further the long time efforts of many nurse leaders and organizations and actively engage a wide range of healthcare providers; consumer leaders, prominent officials, and groups representing government, business, academia, and philanthropy.

What is Campaign for Action?

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in collaboration with AARP, initiated the Future of Nursing - NYS Action Coalition in late 2010.  The initiative builds on the Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health - a landmark Institute of Medicine (IOM) report that provided a blueprint for transforming the nursing profession to improve healthcare and meet the needs of diverse populations.  Download the IOM report here

Campaign for Action envisions a nation where every American has access to high-quality, patient-centerd care in a healthcare system where nurses contribute as essential partners in achieving success.  To learn more about the Campaign for Action in New York, please click here or email