CHAHEC Medical Student Programs

BS/DO Program – Catskill Hudson AHEC
This program was designed to accelerate the undergraduate and graduate medical curriculum from the traditional 8 years to a 7 year combined program. A special emphasis is placed on the recruitment of local youths as a means of recruiting family practice residents and, eventually, family physicians to the Hudson Valley. For more information on the BS/DO program, please contact our office at (845) 883-7260.

Medical Student Housing - Bassett Healthcare
For several years, Catskill Hudson AHEC has sponsored this program that supports housing expenses of 3rd & 4th year medical students. Through this program, Bassett Healthcare offers education in clinical rotations to students. It is vital to their education mission and is used as a recruitment tool for the residency programs with an end goal for the residents to stay on or return as attending faculty. For additional information, contact Bassett Healthcare at (607) 547-3764.