Current Catskill Hudson AHEC Programs

In order to address New York State’s healthcare workforce shortages, Catskill Hudson AHEC has funded hundreds of innovative, exciting and educational health professions programs since our first year of operation in 2003.

To date, thousands of medical, pre-medical, nursing and health professions students were placed with hundreds of teachers at community-based training sites. Tens of thousands of young people, ages 10-17, received exposure to healthcare careers and health professionals through the fun and interactive activities of our health career youth programs. And thousands of health professionals have participated in Catskill Hudson AHEC sponsored continuing education programs.

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  • * - Billie's Medical Adventures by Catskill Hudson AHEC

  •  - BODYWORLDS DVD Rental - offered by Catskill Hudson AHEC

  • *Health Career Kids - by Catskill Hudson AHEC

  • *  Medical Mind Bendersby Caskill Hudson AHEC

  •  - Albany Medical College, Catskill Hudson AHEC, Hudson Mohawk AHEC

  • * - Pathways to Success by Catskill Hudson AHEC

  • * - Who Done It? Solve the Medical Mystery by Catskill Hudson AHEC

  •  * - Scrubs Club by Catskill Hudson AHEC

  •  M*A*S*H* Camp - in collaboration with Delaware Valley Hospital

  •   - Science & Technology Entry Program (STEP) - in collaboration with SUNY New Paltz

* Indicates that these programs are available for purchase.


  • BS/DO Program – Catskill Hudson AHEC
  • Medical Student Housing - Bassett Healthcare
  • Medical Student Lecture Series - in collaboration with Bassett Healthcare


  •  - Emergency Responder Leadership Academy  by Catskill Hudson AHEC

  • - Nursing Summit by Catskill Hudson AHEC
  •  - Health Professions Seminars by Catskill Hudson AHEC

  • - Career Fitness by Catskill Hudson AHEC

  • Critical Care Nursing Conference - in collaboration with Bassett Healthcare

  • Cardiovascular Teaching Day - in collaboration with Twin County Medical Associates/Columbia County Medical Society



In the midst of an economic recession, one rural community recognized the need to act and, with the help of HealthMatch, took a pro-active and innovative approach to recruit a much-needed physician for their small, rural hospital.  As a community-based health recruitment program, HealthMatch launched a $200,000 community-wide economic development capital campaign in January 2010.  This project raised $183,000 from local residents and businesses to provide financial incentives for potential physician candidates.  In September 2013, a family physician was successfully recruited through the HealthMatch project, which provided her with a down payment to purchase a home in the community, as well as a grant to lower first-year mortgage payments.

If your community is in need of healthcare providers, or if you are a healthcare provider looking for a practice opportunity in New York State, call today to learn more about the unique services HealthMatch can offer you.