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Catskill Hudson AHEC is seeking to make a difference in addressing healthcare workforce shortage issues. One of our healthcare workforce initiatives is Nursing Workforce Development; a process that analyzes issues pertaining to nursing specialty and faculty shortages, recruitment and retention of nursing personnel and the provision of continuing education programs for nursing professionals.  This initiative also involves outreach and collaborative efforts for students and educators as well as educational institutions, community groups and healthcare organizations to provide resources and opportunities for education and training supportive of the continued development of the nursing profession.

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Shortage of Nurses

A major public health challenge for the future of our nation's health care system is the increasing aging population.  In New York State, the shortage of nurses varies by region and is only in part due to the increasing aging population.  Other factors affecting this trend in NYS are the uneven distribution of nurses within the state and a shortage of nursing faculty especially in rural and underserved communities.  It is predicted that the need for nurses as well as other healthcare professionals will continue to increase over the next several years.

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