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Navigating LGBT Adolescent Health
for the Healthcare Provider

July 13, 2018
Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY

Many lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals face barriers and challenges that make it difficult for them to find and receive competent healthcare or feel that they have had a positive provider experience.  In many cases, this will likely cause LGBT patients to experience a heightened degree of distress and symptoms than their non-LGBT counterparts.

Because LGBT people are members of every community and socioeconomic group, their healthcare needs must be fully understood by all health providers to make the cultural changes required to eliminate healthcare disparities and improve health-related outcomes for this patient population.

The purpose of the Health Professions Seminar is to provide an educational forum to discuss vital topics of healthcare delivery that are harmful to the LGBT community and their well-being as a whole.  It is the intent of the Health Professions Seminars to instill overdue change by increasing the knowledge base of healthcare providers and support staff caring for LGBT patients and to encourage adoption of LGBT culture-friendly practices throughout the healthcare community.

The intended audience for this program is physicians, nurses, social workers and all other healthcare professionals (clinical or non-clinical) who provide health-related services to the LGBT patient population as topics will relate to both healthcare services as well as the patient care experience.

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If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Doyle at kdoyle@chahec.org.


In 2004, Catskill Hudson AHEC presented its first EMS Leadership Academy, which was a two-part, professional development workshop for EMS captains, officers, and others in or about to be placed in a position of leadership in their agency.  In 2011, under the guidance of the Development Committee, the program name was changed to the Emergency Responder Leadership Academy to better reflect the evolution of the program’s expanding focus and growing audience.

Throughout the years, this program has continued to develop unique learning experiences presented by experienced leaders in emergency response. Topics continue to focus on professional development in areas that are critical to every emergency services long-term success, such as, administration, supervision, recruitment and retention, public relations, budgeting, service excellence, strategic planning, communication, and safety, as well as changing agency roles and preparedness for future challenges.   

If you would like to receive information for Emergency Responder Leadership Academy, please email your contact information to info@chahec.org or call to speak with our staff at (845) 883-7260.




In 2004, Catskill Hudson AHEC presented its first “Nursing Summit” to nurse administrators and nurse educators who wished to work together and with Catskill Hudson AHEC to promote the profession of nursing in New York State.  Since then, Catskill Hudson AHEC’s Nursing Summit has attracted all levels of the nursing profession, as well as healthcare professionals, health professions educators, and health professions students by providing an educational forum to explore topics of relevance and critical issues facing nursing and healthcare professionals today and supporting the continued development of and within the nursing profession.  The Nursing Summit has also provided invaluable networking opportunities for attendees.

Over the years, Nursing Summit Topics have included:

  • The Role of the Nurse in Shaping the Future of Healthcare: Progressing Toward the Triple Aim
  • Transformational Leadership in a New Healthcare Environment
  • Improving Healthcare To LGBT Individuals and Families: Awareness to Action
  • Ethics
  • Mock Trial and Beyond (a live demonstration of healthcare litigation and more)
  • Use of Technology for Teaching and Staff Development
  • Topics in Developing Staff Excellence
  • Online Curriculum Development Workshop
  • Nurse Preceptor Development
  • The Artistry of Nurse Management

If you would like to receive information for upcoming programs, please email your contact information to info@chahec.org or contact our staff at (845) 883-7260.